LeaveItIn2016: 45 Salty Reads For Your New Year

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1. Citing Tupac, when you would’ve had him arrested
2. Acting like your feelings for someone requires an equal, and similar reaction

3. Being pro-Black until it effects your check book or your white bae
4. Excusing ya faves for problematic shit, because you (lowkey) see yourself in them
5. Allowing white folks to white without recourse
6. Quoting Baldwin and still being homophobic
7. Acting like you read but you really copy and paste…
8. Acting like your sexual health is anyone else’s responsibility
9. Acting like patriarchy and masculinity ain’t community productions and investments
10. Asking for support when you ain’t played the part
11. Pretending like People of Color aren’t anti-Black…and oppressed…at the same damn time
12. Quoting Twitter Activists as Revolutionary Gospel
13. Throwing around theories you’ve slept on and never read to sound woke
14. Pretending that racism is about education and mental health; and not power, violence and survival..
15. Pretending we don’t have modern day holocausts and genocides #Aleppo
16. Black Anti-Blackness
17. Being a fuckboy and getting mad when your bae is fuckboy too
18. Adding only the sexy niggas on FB and pretending it’s cuz you want woke friends #ObjectifyMeAgain #ThotfulScholars
19. Acting like HIV stigma ain’t as real as racism; even for niggas who “do the work”
20. Confusing sexual freedom with unethical fucking
21. Mistaking a facebook like for friendship
22. Acting like the fuckboy inside you don’t exist; while gaslighting the fuckboys you fuck on the regular
23. Weaponizing your new-found social justice lingo; to cover up your fuckshit
24. Shading folks for doing in public; what you do in the dark
25. Acting like all discomfort and disagreements are violence
26. Acting like you in love when you know it’s just lust

27. Posting thirst trap or semi nude pics and pretending your post is about some vanilla goal or life advice #ItsOKToQuenchThirst

28. Consuming your BlaQueer besty like sweet tea on a summer afternoon but not being able to “stomach” their stories about their sex, their body, their truth, their love….

29. Pretending like your sexual attractions aren’t reactions to the politics of your body, your people, your “truths”…#NoFatsNoFemmes#NoHomo #LiteBright #ChocolateDrop #GoodHair

30.  Acting like your feelings for someone requires an equal, and similar reaction

31. Using identity as a crutch, a sword and invisibility cloak to disappear your violence and/or brokeness

32. Excusing ya faves for problematic shit, because you (lowkey) see yourself in them

33.  Pretending like your homophobic Pastor ain’t doing independent research on the practice of homosexuality

34. Acting like Christianity delivered the enslaved…

35. Acting like using “Negus” over “Niggas” makes you woke

36. Acting like your sexual health is anyone else’s responsibility

37.  Calling on Assata while preaching non-violence…

38.  Having a pro-Blackness that only sees Americans…

39. The myth of the “safe space”

40. Preaching homophobia but taking dick as elixir.

41. Saying you love black folks but you only talk to nigga who rock bow ties and brooks brothers…or high end hipster gear….

42. Israeli Apartheid

43. Prisons, Jails & Police (Reform too)

44. Prayers to Bey, Appeals to DeReay and other unnecessary facebook fool-fests.

45. Being anything other than your true, unbought, unbossed and unapologetic self.

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