Moment of Birth (A Poem)

by Vernon Jordan, III


I’ve been beating the odds since I was


       carob & tree trunk colored,

      the size of a soda can.

      in the red corner,

      weighing 1 pound & six ounces —

      this force came unannounced!

      “Im afraid Baby Jordan might not make it.”

       call it 26 weeks


       six months,

       I was a bloody, plastic, mess

       they whispered tragedy over me,

       but I was the closest thing

       to God they’d ever seen –

       my halo was fresh


       woke up from death.


       Some lungs that didn’t know what

       to do,

       a brain like you ain’t never seen


       curled for the uterine capsule that

       should have been,

       unbothered in my oxygen-filled

       Chamber of Secrets & throne,

       you should have known:

       i, too, have bones.


       Squeezed my dad’s finger like,

       “this shit is too big for a handshake

         but great to meet you,”

       let me teach you

       that 3rd time really is the charm:

       your infinite fears I touched,

       they were dis-alarmed.


Welcome to the World,

where the created is Creator.


Vernon Jordan, III is a creator with many crafts. Follow them on twitter (@afrojediii), tumblr (somecallhimv) and vimeo.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. terpsichorean says:

    I love that this piece bears the confident assertion of your life. ‘You should have known, “i, too, have bones”, I love how powerful this piece is. Thank you for writing it.


    1. Thank you so much for reading & replying @terpsichorean!! Maybe tryna channel my on little “Ego Trippin'” 🙂


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