female or male?

by Sunsong Firedance

intersexed trans

sirens of silent agony

screaming urine from a tree

speaking in words of pleasantry

spewing forth a stream of emotions

but defeating (speaking)

not our agonies

songs of blunted pain speak in words of distant memories

of how things should be (have been)

but- that is not me

drink from the (light?) of our being

a broom of ancient thoughts

sweeping me into a corner of reality


a thought provokes itself

and is put upon my shelf

I am am I

gay? bisexual?

a dyke with a dick

and not the same as

man woman

this is what I suffer

I am not the same

thrown from a prison of commonplace

only to be washed away

by streams of what society wants me to be

yet struggling for identity- I slipped into their choruses, their refrains-

dinner is now served on a plate of existence


the ultimate existence


walking through realities sparked by gossamer fires

too delicate (execution)

should they burn or should they yearn

to be free of this?

their “freedom”


what do they do?

smash teddy bears and a cuckoo clock

fires from the bowels of seven hells shall spew forth from this oven

my simulacrum penis

which I have neglected to fulfill

did I ever want a dick?

unearthly desires fill my soul with passions for the freedom of my gossamer fires

burning thoughts as seen through the eyes of ebony flames

yet, is all I’ve said penetration junction?

black pepper makes me dream of sneezing

caffeine still makes me sleep of intolerance

once white roses stained with blood

cover my heart as it aches for my lost (w)hole

hungry from the pains (pangs?) of love

which of course does not exist

sorrow prevails as death pervades

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  1. Amazing. Your thoughts, evolution and honesty is inspiring


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